Let's Talk About CKD

Let's Talk about CKD

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a common1 yet widely underrecognized and potentially deadly condition2,3 and is estimated to affect more than 160 million people with type 2 diabetes (T2D) worldwide.4,5,6 CKD progresses silently and unpredictably, with many symptoms not appearing until the disease is well-advanced.7,8


In addition, patients with CKD and T2D are approximately three times more likely to die from a cardiovascular (CV)-related cause than those with T2D alone.9

Hear from leading experts below on how outcomes can be improved for patients living with CKD and T2D, alongside insights from their experience and best practices.


Professor Peter Rossing

Professor Peter Rossing

Head of Complications Research at Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen, Denmark

Carolyn Lam

Professor Carolyn Lam

Senior Consultant of the National Heart Centre, Singapore

Richard Hobbs

Primary Care Physician
Professor Richard Hobbs

Nuffield Professor of Primary Care Health Sciences, UK

Christoph Wanner

Professor Christoph Wanner

Professor of Medicine and Head of the Division of Nephrology University Hospital of Würzburg, Germany


The risk of CV events such as myocardial infarction or hospitalisation for heart failure appears early in the course of CKD in T2D, and grows with disease severity10 – leading to an increased risk of experiencing a fatal CV event. Learn why cardiovascular management should be considered for patients with CKD and T2D as early as possible.


Increased Cardiovascular Risk in Patients with CKD and T2D

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The Silent Nature of CKD in T2D

The Silent Nature of CKD in T2D


A panel discussion on chronic kidney disease in T2D with four key opinion leaders.

The Need for a Collaborative Multidisciplinary Approach
 in CKD in T2D

The Need for a Collaborative Multidisciplinary Approach in CKD in T2D

The panel discusses what comprises a collaborative approach for patients with CKD in T2D that need multidisciplinary care.

Early Detection & Intervention in CKD and T2D

Early Detection & Intervention in CKD and T2D

The panel discusses the type of tests and the testing protocols that are involved in diagnosing CKD early.

Patient Education in CKD in T2D

Patient Education in CKD in T2D


The panel discusses the key challenges when clinicians discuss kidney health with patients with CKD and T2D.

The Role of Healthcare Providers Beyond the Specialists

The Role of Healthcare Providers Beyond the Specialists

The panel discusses the different roles of health care providers to support the management of patients with CKD and T2D as a broader team.

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